How can we help?

  • Basics

  • What and who are we?

    We are a group of developers trying to build modern websites and keep the internet a little bit more up to date. We also can takle on any project, just ask us what your problem is and I'm sure we can find a solution for you!

  • What coding languages do we know?

    As of writing this we are familiar with Java, Python, Dart, C#, C++, and Javascript. These are some of the most popular ones so we should (with this toolset) be able to complete most of your needs. And if your project for some reason requires us to know a certain language, just ask us! It's really easy to pick up and learn a new coding language (most have the same concepts).

  • How do I sign up?

    As of right now our clients are the only ones who can make an account to see their analytics and view more details about their website. Might change in the future once we find an optimal solution for expansion.

  • I found a bug on one of your websites. Where do I report it?

    If you found a bug/glitch on one of websites, please report it to detailing the steps leading up to the bug so we can try and replicate it along with the exact whereabouts.

  • Delivery

  • What all does the final product come with?

    The final delivery is everything that is required to run the site. HTML files, images, styling, components, EVERYTHING. That way if you choose not to host with us, you can take the project files, build them on the server of your choice and go from there!

  • How many revisions does a site come with?

    Our practice is to include the client in every bit of the design phase. This allows the client to put there own twist to their site, and make sure they are happy with the product they are receiving in the end. However, after the design phase, changes could result in a small fee.

  • Browser Support

  • Internet ExplorerFireFoxGoogle ChromeMicrosoft EdgeSafariOpera
    Lovast (us)
    *We try to keep up with the latest and greatest as well as maintaining stability on legacy browsers.